Today, I went on a trip with a friend from Danmark, what amuses her the most are older generation in China who went through so much changes and difficulties in life, but still, they manage to find the inner peace and happiness.

Over 30% of the visitors to China will take the cruise down to see the the Three Gorges Dam across the Yangtze river in Hubei, China.  The experience will be very different than visiting a big modern city like Shanghai, this film is rich in detail about ways of life, dreams, and aspirations and is a great view into the reality of Chinese life.  

Up the Yangtze, it was directed by famous Chinese director Yun Chang.  The film follows the life of the Yu family as their lives are affected by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, the largest mega-dam and a symbol of growth and progress in China.  Yu Shui, the daughter in the family, leaves home to earn a living on a tourist cruise liner while her family packs their belongings to escape the rising water line.  From the film’s website: “All the while the ship charts a course towards its controversial destination, traveling upriver through a landscape of unprecedented upheaval, as ancient and revered sites give way to the burgeoning candy-colored towers of China’s neon future.”