Amy Tan is one of my favorite writer and I am so exited that she is coming to Shanghai for the 2012 Shanghai Literary Festival. The BEST thing is that I am going for the LITERARY LUNCH: Amy Tan in Conversation.

Her book of The Bonesetter’s Daughter was the very first English book which I read. It was almost 6 years ago and I clearly remember that when my friend Ashok gave it to me,  I was actually wondering how could I ever finish reading a book filled with so much English words. But later I carried the book with me and finished it during my holiday to the west part of China. After that, I realized it wasn’t that difficult to read English books and I really enjoy understand things from a different (western) perspective.

Amy Tan’s books are always filled with fascinating tales of mother and daughter relations, the ancient Chinese history and culture. As an ABC, she had no way to understand her mother’s hobbies and culture which seemed so different than Americans. Sometimes her story reminds me about the current life style change between the young generation who is born in the 80s and the older generation who is born before the 60s. 

In The Opposite of Fate, Amy Tan shares her insight into her own life and how she escaped the curses of her past to make a future of her own. She takes us on a journey from her childhood of tragedy and comedy to the present day and her arrival as one of the world’s best-loved novelists. Whether recalling arguments with her mother in suburban California or introducing us to the ghosts that inhabit her computer, it offers vivid portraits of choices, attitudes, charms, and luck in action-a refreshing antidote to the world-weariness and uncertainties we all face today.