Finding a good Hotel in Shanghai can be tricky, but here is a list of good suggestions:

The Bund Area

Go with Les Suites Orient will be a good choice, it is the largest boutique hotel in Shanghai. The building’s foundation and first four floors date back to 1860, a small yet warmly decorated restaurant and eclectic decor that mixes vintage radios with traditional Chinese pottery and interesting antiques.  The river-facing rooms of this Shanghai boutique hotel provide sweeping views of the entire Bund and the curve of the Huangpu River. The night view is particularly impressive when buildings on both sides of the river are lit up. Inside their room, everything is controlled within a small magic box – placed right next to your bed, which means, you don’t even have to move your leg or left your arm to open the window curtains – this maybe the real reason why I fancy it so much. However, their food is really just so so, but this is the only 5 star hotel in Shanghai which provide umlimited tea(all western tea bags, no Chinese), cookies, internet and nice free hotel rooms for their guests. 


About 20 years ago, Shanghainese used to have a saying that “I’d rather have a bed in Puxi(the old Shanghai) than have a house in Pudong”. Well, things in Shanghai just change too fast. Pudong has become a really fancy area in 20 years and it has the best and the tallest hotel in China, Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt and Shangri La are the top choices.

French Concession

JIA Shanghai, it is a place includes sleek furniture, funky lighting and edgy artwork, super good for your eyes but you will have a hard time to find where is the hotel entrance. URBN boutique hotel is China’s only carbon-neutral hotel. It recycled and sourced every piece of building material locally. It has its own water filtration system for on-site purification. Environmentally friendly cleaning products, light bulbs and shades are used to cut down the hotel’s energy use.