Currently the most popular documentary movie in China. The Douban rating for this movie is 9.5, compare with the average Chinese movie rating is just around 5 this year. 

For the past 20 years, China has become the biggest money making machine. On one side, it lift up millions of Chinese from poverty to middle class family or even rich. Over all, everyone has a much better lifestyle than what they used to have in the past.

Therefore, we felt so comfortable in our own life and started to forgot the cost of such rapid development. Worse than that, many of us think it is not our responsibility to care about any social problems as it does not directly effect us. Many people believed that money can buy everything! But can money buy health? or buy back the green mountain and clean air?

My friend warned me that if I watched this, I might not want to eat anymore. The smokes, dirt, garbage and hopelessness in this movie really touched many Chinese people’s nerve. It bought us to question what is happening in the country side, and what could we do to make a change.

Unfortunately, the full movie is more than 90 minutes, but it is banned in China, so all I could find is the short version which is created for the media.

2mins move:

26mins movie: