I have to admit that as a Chinese born in the 80s, I do have a complicated “love and hate” relation ship with KFC. It is the very first Western fast food company in China since 1987.  Now has 5,138 outlets in China as of 2017.

Basicly, a good treat in my childhood means going to KFC and order a set of fried chicken… KFC also have tried very hard to approach the Chinese market including offerings such as congee and ‘fungus salad’ and local creations such as the ‘Chizza’ (chicken pizza).

Therefore, KFC comes as a type of comfort food for me but at the same time I could not stand the idea of eating “fast food” that is bad for health.

kfc pro

Not it looks that the problem is solved. K Pro is KFC’s new way to entice younger customers looking for healthier food options. Apart from the standard chicken menu, K Pro serves fresh juices, salads, and panini with proteins like shrimp, smoked salmon, or grilled chicken. This hip-looking restaurant is decked out with fresh flowers and greenery, and employee wears leafy green cloth, makes people feel “Tasty, Fresh, Healthy.” They even introduced a smile to pay system with the help of Alipay.

Of course, the price is more than doubled.

Why is KFC so eager to change?

A popular restaurant in China is defined by hip-looking designs, see through windows and healthy food preparation, salad, fresh juices and more than 1hrs waiting line of fashionable younge people by the gate.

Chinese consumers cares more about taste, health, environment, service and privacy, old brands like KFC could not afford to offer any of these as a fast food restaurant.

It is still a question if KFC’s revolution would be a success. After all, people want to be different. If I am paying double the price, why should I still go to a KFC named restaurant?