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There is one eye catching and breath taking place called the Pan Garden, it hides in one of the best protected old lanes in Suzhou. In the past, the house was a private home of the richest family in the city with a history of over 150 years. Now it turned into a very fancy Suzhou flavor restaurant named as Li Geng Tang. There are only 4 tables inside 4 different houses of this garden and you need to book it days in advance with a deposit. The min. charge per perosn is RMB400 and it goes all the way to as high as RMB2000. Interestingly, they do not have a menu.

Since I never miss a good meal, I went  there to check out, the experience was beyond my expectation…the food looks too beautiful to eat, the house takes you back in to the old life and more important the taste was very authentic.

Next to the dinning table, they even prepared a bed for you after the big meal….heaven on earth.