Normally for concert, I will go to Shanghai Oriental Art Center – but honestly, I am not a big fan of classical music, just follow with friends who happen to have the extra tickets.  And every time when I was there, I wished that I know abit more about the history of the music or the story of the composer. 

So when I walks by Hunan road, I noticed the building of SSO Chamber Concert(Shanghai Sympgony Orchestra), finally yesterday I paid a visit with 2 friends. Strangly, it was so much better than what I thought it would be for a ticket of only RMB30 – that’s what would cost you for a starbucks coffee in Shanghai.

It is the only none – profit chamber music concert in Shanghai. The place is very basic, simple chairs filled the place and yesterday night was full with mostly Chinese people of different ages and back ground. There is a very friendly feeling compare with the big fancy SOAC, it is like a working place and the concert was great. I found out that I liked Faure’s music and listened to Piazzolla for the 1st time, good for the ear!

They play every Friday at 7:30pm, I will surely go there again.